Harmony's Webpage


week 1 :video game development- we made an endless game runner with gdevelop. also we made pixel characters with gdevelop.i made a endless runner using a red hero. i made obstacals in the game. also added coins, levels and checkpoints.

week 2 :spheros- we coded a robot to move. also change colors we coded the spherp to spin and move in sync with other spheros. we also coded our spheros to move at the same time . also we coded them to bumb into each other.also we watched videos about robots.

week 3 :arudino- we put colored wires in a bread board and coded led light to turn to red blue and green.also we made it turn to other colors in between red blue and green.

week 4 :mobile games- we made a roleplay game with different animals and monsters. we also published our games. also played other peoples games. our game has levels and , obstacals. we watch videos about mobile games too.

week 5 :web development- we made this website , using codehs.com . we learned different ways to code a page.also how to add images to a website.also learned how to add colors and other things to our website . also how to change font colors and font sizes